Design related attractions - Paris & London

Hi, I am going to Paris and London in a month and am planning what to check out other than the classic venues. Could anyone suggest me design museums, structures, gallery, etc… worth checking during my trip? tks a lot!

Paris… if you can afford it, do a night or two at the Hotel Particulier in Montmartre.
YOU MUST see ‘Monkey’, Jamie(Gorillaz) Hewlett’s theatrical masterpiece, based on the tv series- showing in Paris from next month.

London… Design festival from 19th-23rd…Established (party)will be good, DesignersBlock 10 yr celebration…try to request party tickets; just send your details to their press people(you are working for an obscure foreign publication of course)
12th september there is Design Nippon at the Japan Foundation, Russell sq, free tickets on request
If you want to check out Shoreditch House(new Tom Dixon designed superclub with rooftop pool in east London), send me a message

How’s that?

this topic has been brought up a few times before have a stab at the search…but certainly hold off if you can until the design festival kicks off as there will be stuff going on all over the place: