Design Recruitment Firms

Hi Everyone!

I’ve got a question for you all. Can anyone add to my tiny list of design

For NYC I have: wert & co, ritasue siegel, janoupakter and Yeh ideology.
Any others?

Any for Boston? Any for San Francisco? Any for Chicago?

Actually, while i’m at it, any for Hong Kong? Any for Shanghai?


I’d like to find out about any Chicago Firms as well. I personally don’t know of any, and I’m looking for one as well.

The NYC recruiters you’ve listed handle jobs all across the US. I’ve been contacted by each of them at some point, and all the the jobs have been in other parts of the US.

Copy what Nate says, they place everywhere. I’ve gotten some from NY and Florida recruiting for places in my state. Depending on the need, places will bring in candidates from out of state if the skills are appropriate and/or they’ve exhausted or ruled out the local recruits.