Design Recruiters

I was wondering if any of you have worked with a specific design recruiter you would recommend. I’m thinking of relocating to the WI/IL area and would like to make some contacts, if possible.

Thank you very much for any information you may provide.

You want to leave the OC and come here? It snowed yesterday.

What’s wrong with you?

:wink: :slight_smile:

I know, right?

My wife and I are both from WI. Our families are still back there. We’ve reached a point where we’ve missed too many family reunions/weddings etc. One of my short term goals is to have a yard big enough to justify a riding lawn mower. :wink:

You know, my neighbor has the same size yard and has a riding mower but I still refuse. I have gotten around that by removing grass and adding garden. It isn’t “less work” but when I moved in it took 75 minutes to mow, now it is down to about 50 minutes to cut the grass.

Sorry I can’t help with recruiters. Since you are looking close to me though, I will break forum rules. We have a need for a guy to develop medical devices for the European market. Shoot me a PM if interested.

so here is a different solution to IAB’s time variance… instead of removing grass and planting flower beds i bought a faster mower… downside it goes to fast so i cant enjoy my beer while driving it.