Design Psychology

Suggest me few books based on the design & Designer’s Psychology.
Intrested in going theru case studies and thesis.
If any good web-site please let me know

I’m now, three years after this thread was started, searching for the same thing as mentioned above.

“Design psychology” is not even an article on Wikipedia, and the only thing I have found about the topic so far is a small group of interior designers using the term to describe something like feng shui…


At least the interaction designers got something going on:[/url]

The only thing I can think of off the top of my head may be…

Design and Emotion

Have a read of the synopsis/reviews etc and see if it’s relative.

Thanks, that one was new to me. It looks interesting, but is (as far as i can understand) discussing mainly one angle (emotions and experience).

The way I see it, there are several different traditions talking about the use of psychology in design (human technology interaction, cognitive ergonomics, behaviorism, environmental psychology, human factors, creative cognition, user-centered design and so on), but what I find interesting is that it looks like nobody are talking about this on a higher and more general level.

As a ID student, I dream of finding a mapping or a discussion about the different possibilities and difficulties of using different fields within psychology, intuitive or as a method, in the design process…

“Design of Everday Things” Donald Norman

“Emotional Design” - Donald Norman

“An Introduction to Usability” - Patrick Jordan

“Universal Principles of Design” - Lidwell, Holden, Butler

My friend recommended me this:

Bought it, haven’t dug deep into it yet, but the first few pages are spot on.

Wow, a lot of good suggestions here! For those who are further interested in the subject:

I’ve found a lot of people calling them self “Design Psychologist”, but so far i haven’t found one single article discussing this term (except from the ones mentioned above).

There is some writing about “Psychology by Design”, one very interesting and clarifying article by Etienne Benson here:

Interesting enough, it looks like the psychologists are more into design than designers are into psychology. Worth to mention is researchers like Hollnagel, C. Perrow, S. Dekker and D. Woods, B. Nardi, K. Vicente, R. Bridger and S. Hyysalo.

Transforming the object in product design (S. Hyysalo)

Coda and Response to Christine Halverson (B. Nardi)
Handbook of cognitive task design (E. Hollnagel)"handbook+of+cognitive+task+design"&ots=GzJE6GDKVV&sig=Wfzd42_iv9yvpbNh4b7h-enPFA8

And here is a collection of psychological articles regarding product design: