Design Project for a library

Hey guys…I’m a student a interaction design school in BC, Canada where we are redesigning our new campus and the library itself. We are to provide interaction to the library and team meeting rooms, ect. However, our team is in a real funk, where the biggest problem with the floor plans of our library is the use of the space and how it was designed. It really is bad, and because of that its tough to create interaction design in team rooms that are 7ft wide and 10ft deep (if that). We’ve been looking at smartboards, ect that can be used for numerous things. We came up with a lot of ideas, and I was searching around for links on how the smarboards work exactly when I came across a research study at standford with them where they literally took all our conceptual ideas.

The problem were having is moving past this notion of being able to have a touch screen smartboard where everything is activated through the board and not the computer. We feel that this is just throwing technology or computers at a problem that is spatial related, yet we can’t touch the space on this particular project. Does anyone have any good suggestions of how to move past this notion of smarboards and how we interact in team meetings?? Were wanting to first off create furniture that is movable, retractable, and adjusted in many ways that meets the requirements of personalizing a team meeting. Were also trying to figure out ways of how we can not use plasma sreens or lighted “x-ray” screens to display student work in the entrance, but can’t seem to think of anything concreate. If anyone has any ideas that would be great.


You’re already redesigning your new campus? Wow, the rate of obsolescence…

ya well thats what happens when the institution can’t design a space for students and hire dumb founded interior design people who give a complete waste of space to spaces of greatness,and when the 23 floor building is being occupied by other companies at the same time…and the institution doesn’t act fast enough of the design, the space they once had is now gone…so its dumb moves in everything…again a fine example of how politics screws up design!