Design Process

How does everybodys Design Process differ? I trying to put The design process in words and its been so long that I’m having a hard time. I know how to do it I jus don’t know how to explain it.

Problem Def
Design Criteria
Concept Refinement
Final design

They are all based off the standard NPD, new product development, process.

All business schools teach it and companies live by it.

Best way to see some that have been tweaked for ID, google up some ID firm wedsites, or go to coroflot firm listings, and check them out.

All slightly different, yet same overall process.


order of event. rough draft.

1 what am i trying to solve?
2 is that REALLY what i am trying to solve?
3 has it already been solved? how?
4 how do i propose to solve it (differently)?
5 look. listen. talk. think.
6 ask questions
7 repeat 5
8 doodle. dance. laugh. get excited.
9 build some stuff. get real.
10 repeat 5
11 repeat 6
12 feel perplexed. question my abilities. feel like crap.
13 get over it. generate magic.
14 repeat 8
15 repeat 9
16 ask a LOT more questions
17 get way more excited
18 build better stuff
19 release the magic
20 stay up late
21 repeat 12 and 13 in rapid sequence
22 encode the magic
23 possible repetition of 12 to 22
24 drink beer
25 sleep

Anyone else have any other views?

tele - i totally relate!

i like to do a lot of research before i even start concept development. it can be books, internet, intervies, past product research, etc. once i have research well underway i make a list of objectives - what i want my design to accomplish, what goals i want it to meet. i usually try no to stray too far from this once i have it done because i originally made it for a reason. then i pick one objective or one piece of research and design for it and see where it takes me. then move to another objective and see where it goes. then start compiling it so it becomes more complex - or sometime more simple. I go back to my list of goals often to see if i am meeting them or if i’m straying too much. i usually do research all throughout this too. i feel that a project can look great and work well but it still needs strong research behind it to make it valid.