Design Prints & Posters

Hey all, quick question this time around. Just got a new place and am naturally looking to decorate. Rather than just generic prints or poster sales I’m on the prowl for more ID related stuff. Anyone know of any good sources?



What do you mean by “ID related stuff”?

Sometimes ebay has some interesting patent drawings.

I’m an industrial designer, and I make prints. There are a few that aren’t up on my site, but let me know if you would like any.


It will take some digging, but etsy has some good ones:


Frame up a page of some ID stamps!

This site is great.

Also, have you seen the Objectified screen print. Some good Helvetica and Urbanized stuff too.


As an owner of several Whetstone prints, I recommend them! :wink:

I like this idea. I was at renegade craft fair today in Chicago which has some great art and prints but none of it seemed right for my place. I would like to get prints of some of the images from the Things neatly organized blog and frame them.
things neatly organized art.PNG
things neatly organized erasers.PNG

Or you could go with prints of classic designs.

Awesome feedback guys. Thanks!

How about this:

You can find those Jason Freeny prints here:

I’ve been trying to decide which one to buy for a while now, so if anyone does, please let me know what its like!

My GF’s parents have the original patent drawings for some of her grandfather’s patents, they look pretty nice framed.