design portfolios

I’m just getting started as a freelance graphic designer and am having trouble with the portfolio. What format do people want? Hard copies? A cd with pdfs? How many samples? All that stuff.

I am a moron so tell me anything.

I assume you are talking about sending a sample portfolio… not presenting one in person.

I would stick to the hard copy. Its much easier for the person to look at. A cd requires a computer, loading the cd, etc. cd’s were novel in the 90’s but now they are a dime a dozen and require more work (than a hard copy) to view…

of course if you have multimedia work then you will need a reel or cd.

You should also have several copies of your full portfolio (hard copies.) Many ad agencies want you to drop off your book. They may keep them for a while.

I suggest also, if you work in print, to present you work on printed material. Its good to give away printed stuff so that they could keep around, and it doesn’t require a computer to view them, or internet in some cases. Also an advantage of printed stuff, is that they stay around, get stored in offices, if they’re real good, people may think twice about trashing them, and if you get lucky, some one may see them laying around after many years, and find them interesting.