Design Portfolio


I’m a recent mechanical engineering graduate looking for critique on my portfolio:

I’m very interested in a design position so I’d like to use this to highlight my past projects and CAD skills that a typical engineering grad may not have, and to hopefully show some of my creativity.

Thanks for your comments!

Your interested in an industrial design job?

I’m looking for a design engineer position because of my background but also interested in industrial design. Any comments you have on my work would be great.

Got you, well in that case, it might be good to show how you would start with a designer’s sketch and model the A side, and add B side info?

You have got to use a different font then comic sans for your portfolio. No questions about it, it needs to change.

This comic explains my feelings clearly

Point taken, just updated with a new font!

The font is MUCH better now! Can you do something with the header? It would be nice to make it look like you are selling yourself as a designer (or at least as an engineer with a design eye), at the moment it feels as little like a page for a law firm!