Design points of interest in the US

Hi, I’m currently planning a holiday to the US. I’m starting in New York, travelling down south to DC, on to new orleans and passing by some cities on the way to Las Vegas before arriving in LA and ending in San Fran.

As a student of design/interaction/engineering my question now is if you have any suggestions for must-see attractions/museums/companies/points-of-interests related to (interaction)design on my way?

All tourist guides show the standard attractions and I will see some of them as well, but I’m keen to see what the US has to offer in relation to my interests and studies. By the way, I’m also into street art and graphic design…

A few sites to check out:

In NYC obviously check out MOMA and PS1 ( )
Shop Soho, Chelsea and the Meat Packing District, check out the Chrysler building…

In San Fran there is an awesome museum, as well as a cool church the name of both escape me at the moment, pictures below…

Route 66
get your kicks!

Falling Water is definitely worth a look. Might not be too far out of the way either depending on where in New York you start out.

Near or on your route…

Arcosanti, north of Phoenix AZ

Also in Phoenix, IDSA National Conference (September):

Burning Man in Nevada (September):

World Famous San Diego Zoo: (great exhibit design)

Disneyland: (a must for an interaction designer)

I thought Arcosanti was kind of a let down, but Taliesin West is pretty awesome:

If nature inspires you (or if you want to have your socks blown off) I recommend Goblin Valley in Southern Utah, a state park, incredibly beautiful red-rock formations similar to Bryce Canyon, except its still not a huge tourist attraction which means you can leave the trail climb over the rocks, and into the caves. An amazing place to wander around. I even got a couple form inspirations while there

if you don’t goto chicago, you will miss arguably the greatest architectural city of the US.

skip rte 66. it’s a mess and the road is not very well maintained or marked.

Unless there is a specific reason, take New Orleans out of your plans and go to Chicago. It has to be one of the best architecture cities in the US and possibly the world.

Agreed on both points.

Can’t say that I know of any Interaction Design points of interest…

But to follow the trend of this thread there is a must see city for architecture that you should hit…especially if you re-route and are heading to Chicago.

Columbus, Indiana

The National Historical Landmarks are:

  • First Baptist Church by Harry Weese
  • First Christian Church by Eliel Saarinen, 1942; the first of the series
  • Irwin Union Bank by Eero Saarinen, with landscape by Dan Kiley; and its addition by Kevin Roche
  • Mabel McDowell School by John Carl Warnecke
  • Miller House, 1957, the residence of J. Irwin Miller by Eero Saarinen, with landscape by Dan Kiley.
  • North Christian Church (congregation founded in 1955), designed by Eero Saarinen in 1964.

Other notable buildings include:

  • Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, designed by I. M. Pei
  • Columbus East High School, by Romaldo Giurgola
  • St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, by Gunnar Birkerts
  • Also Lincoln Elementary. Once visited by Lady Bird Johnson

Notable sculptures include:

  • Large Arch [1], sculpture by Henry Moore
  • Chaos I sculpture by Jean Tinguely

Thanks guys, this gives me loads to read up on and plan after.

I would love to go to Chicago instead of New Orleans, however one of my travel mates (we’re four in total) is a huge blues fan and New Orleans is one of his top priorities, so Chicago will have to wait until another time. Anyway, I think it will be interesting to experience texas and some of the other southern states (I’m not thinking of design here…)

Keep them coming, I’ve got quite a lot of time (and hopefully soon sufficient funding) to see alot.

Ummm…Chicago is one of the Blues capitals of the world.


and to further pour on the Chicago love, if you want to see some Frank Lloyd Wright, look no further that Oak Park. Its a 20 min El ride on the green line from downtown.

home and studio

Unity Temple

full list…

Oak Park Arthur Heurtley House
Oak Park : Charles E. Roberts House, Remodeling & Stable
Oak Park : Edward R. Hills House Remodeling (Hills-DeCaro House)
Oak Park : Edwin H. Cheney House
Oak Park : Emma Martin Garage (for Fricke-Martin House)
Oak Park : Francis Wooley House
Oak Park : Francisco Terrace Apartments Arch (in Euclid Place Apartments)
Oak Park : Frank Lloyd Wright Home
Oak Park : Frank Lloyd Wright Playroom Addition
Oak Park : Frank Lloyd Wright Studio
Oak Park : Frank W. Thomas House
Oak Park : George Furbeck House
Oak Park : George W. Smith House
Oak Park : Harrison P. Young House Addition & Remodeling
Oak Park : Harry C. Goodrich House
Oak Park : Harry S. Adams House & Garage
Oak Park : Nathan G. Moore House (Moore-Dudley House) & Remodeling
Oak Park : Nathan G. Moore Stable
Oak Park : Oscar B. Balch House
Oak Park : Peter A. Beachey House
Oak Park : Robert P. Parker House
Oak Park : Rollin Furbeck House & Remodeling
Oak Park : Mrs. Thomas H. Gale House
Oak Park : Thomas H. Gale House
Oak Park : Unity Temple
Oak Park : Walter M. Gale House
Oak Park : Walter Gerts House Remodeling
Oak Park : William E. Martin House
Oak Park : William G. Fricke House (Fricke-Martin House)
Oak Park : Dr. William H. Copeland Alterations to both House & Garage

plus the River Forest stuff which is just west of Oak Park,

River Forest : Chauncey L. Williams House & Remodeling
River Forest : E. Arthur Davenport House
River Forest : Edward C. Waller Gates
River Forest : Isabel Roberts House (Roberts-Scott House)
River Forest : J. Kibben Ingalls House
River Forest : River Forest Tennis Club
River Forest : Warren Scott House Remodeling (of Isabel Roberts House)
River Forest : William H. Winslow House
River Forest : William H. Winslow Stable

And Riverside is close too…

Riverside : Avery Coonley Playhouse
Riverside : Avery Coonley Coach House
Riverside : Avery Coonley Gardener’s Cottage
Riverside : Avery Coonley House
Riverside : Ferdinand F. Tomek House

if your friend like the Blues (i do), new orleans isn’t where you want to go. if he/she is looking to hear delta-style blues, you’re going to be better going Memphis or Chicago.