Design podcasts?

I sometimes like to listen to audio books and podcasts when I am jogging or cycling.
This American Life is great for example. I learn something and it takes my mind of the tedious task of running on a treadmill.

So I was curios if anybody knows of a good (free) design podcast?
Would also be great for travel.

I have been searching for decent design podcasts for a while. Some have good topics but lousy audio while some have lousy topics and great audio – I haven’t found anything too great that is dedicated solely to design.

Here are some of things that I have been listening to lately. Some are podcasts, some are lectures, some are good, some are not so good. They are design and science related:

If you are into lectures, check out iTunesU. There are a lot of free media downloads for art, design, and architecture.

“Stuff you should know” is quite entertaining

Lunar design’s iconocast is one of the first ID podcast’s and there are some jems

Adam Carolla’s podcast is alright too - he usually has interesting guests

Here is another one:

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Pod casts, not post cards.

Icon-o-cast by Lunar Design is one I found out about years ago. Good stuff.

lol !!! that message makes my day!!!


Specialized Bicycles:

Specifically Robert Egger:

36 Point - Graphic Design website andPodcast out of Omaha, NE

They used to do a podcast called the BeADesigncast for awhile and have interviewed Robert Brunner a couple of times among others.

Chris Bangle on 774 ABC Melbourne:

he starts at 17.20.

Hah hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:
Loved hearing about Trek’s archaic scientific testing methods