Design Ownage


whatever. you look and sound like an a.s.s.

“ownage” is outdated. the current term is “pwnage”.

very clever, ykh, very clever. made me smile.

nothing clever. do a search. i never see the old term. and i hang on those forums.

pwnage =

"While most people (gamers or otherwise) believe this word to be a typo of the word “ownage” there is another belief that it stands for “perfect ownage” just like “pwn” is “perfectly own.”
Of course, this was probably made up afterwards.

Related: Plwn, Plwnage. A build on the classic “Perfectly own” by turning it into “Perfectly Legally Own.” This is important because sometimes, when one is pwned, they will become indignant and claim that cheating was involved. No cheating can exist if they were plwned, though.

Only a few documented cases have existed, mainly because they were all within a few minutes of one another. Sadly, this is not a typo, but actually a misspoken version of Pwn. The individual who spoke this’ name will not be disclosed, because he/she is very close to me.“w00t, double pwnage!”
"colossal pwnage!’
“i subjected him to my godlike pwnage”

Another belief is that pwn came about to mock those with poor typing skills, as the “o” key is to the left of the “p” key. Someone, in their extreme excitement of actually owning someone mispelled it, displaying to all that their ineptitude in typing “own” means they do it in-frequently.

In regards to Deez, that’s a nice little pink pic of Rashid you’ve got there, nothing like wearing your jealousy on your sleeve, PWNT!

Deez what happened to your Rashid avatar?

Your NUTS!!!

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Anonymous wrote:
I just kicked you in your face.
How does it feel?
Go back in your cage. Thanks.
SAT verbal : 680”

btw, 168 IQ in 1999 averaged over 3 tests. I only mention that cause I scored average on the SAT and GRE said to be biased and based facts one knows compared to other things.

Interpretting ownership, uh, who the f---- knows! Perhaps firms should own the crap designs they contributed to as well . And there should be an award by jury with detailed descriptions by said firms and designers and survey on why it sucks. It could be a comical game show with a bellowing host to boot!