design or compromise

sometimes the product designed are often ruled out because our boss doesnt agree it with. Here boss is not a designer just a mnager.

wat need to be done in such a case?

when u knw his suggestion are not working for the design and u cant afford to upset him to for he is going to pay u?

what wud u do…follow his instruction being a dumb person just becasue he pays u or…


I would advise you to stay there and do what he tells you to do. When you have the contacts and experience to get out, run like hell!

I perhaps will leave

Read up some Dilbert books before, you never know.

I would be stuburn and see what you could do to try to make your case stronger.

on second thought if your mngr. is that stupid he or she prob won’t be there that long.

ride out the storm

stupid people are every where
chances are when you run like hell you’ll prob run right smack into another one

Next time your boss does not agree with your design, ask him to explain to you in design terms why it is that he doesn’t not agree with it.

If he has no design background it will fun to watch him try.