Design office A and B, opportunity

Hi Everyone,

I had a internship at “Company A” two years ago. I loved the company, and have been trying to get a job there since. I contacted them and said they may be looking in March for people. However, this company has offices overseas. 6 months ago I applied to a job at the office overseas and got turned down because I didn’t speak the language. Yesterday the office overseas contacted me asking if I’d be interested in applying to another job. They are seeking an english spoken designer. I’ve always wanted to work overseas so I applied. I really really want this job. Is it okay to ask my old boss at the office in the US to recommend me? Even though I have been asking her about working for her again? I want to use every tactic I can to get this job.


I’d definitely let her know you applied for the other position. If she thinks highly of you it will most likely do one of two things, her expediting the US position, or her giving you a good recommendation. Since you have been in contact with her, I think it would be respectful to inform her that you applied and let it come across as your genuine desire to work for the company.

I recommended you. :smiley: