Design of public toilet flushers-- hand or foot?

Do you believe that public toilets were designed to be flushed with your hand or your foot?

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  • Foot
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I know there is some disagreement over which is the most sanitary way to flush a public toilet, but I’m wondering how people think it was designed to be used.

Designed for hand, but should be foot. Gross.

I always operate the seat with my foot, but the flush with the hand. If it looks like the flush is so nasty I don’t want to touch it, I’m probably not doing my business there either.

How about electro-shock therapy for anyone using a men’s room toilet that can’t:

  1. Lift the seat
  2. Piss anywhere but IN the toilet

Men’s rooms are hands down some of the most disgusting places on this planet.

As for my vote…an infra red hand wave mechanism similar to those on paper dispensers.

They have those… have you ever been in the middle of a nice Sudoku when the toilet flushes? My wife’s been complaining about this for years.

Oh, I know…the one’s that makes the toilet flush 500 times while my 5 year old wiggles on the toilet…ya…not those.

I am talking one that is remote from the bowl itself. Higher on the wall maybe…dunno…haven’t put THAT much thought to it.

But definitely taking the flaws of the existing system into account.

I think a toilet seat that has a urine detecting nano-tube coating that sends a 500 Volt pulse up the urine stream to anyone who is too lazy to not put the seat up would be a higher priority on my list, though.

This reminds me of a very funny, albeit not family friendly, Richard Pryor routine where he talked about sitting on the toilet and flushing at the same time…something about specific parts of the male anatomy getting flushed down the drain…maybe it was George Carlin…pretty sure it was Pryor tho…

Pryor would definitely talk about the splashing and lots of work for a few pebbles but that’s another topic :laughing:
I don’t touch any of it with my hands, feet for the seat and flusher. And normally if I have to sit, first thing I do is grab some paper and go to the sink to get some soap and water, then thoroughly wash the seat down. I can’t imagine what people are doing in there to make the toilets look the way they do.
And as disgusting as I think mens are, my wife has described some women’s bathrooms she’s seen and some “particular” types of messes that they can make in addition to us and I think they win.

After reading the original post, every time I’m in a public bathroom I keep thinking about how much better it would be to have a foot pedal flush… really makes a lot of sense

Greetings from China. Watch your step!

I prefer toilets using a foot flush but I have been places where there is a foot flush but no signage or directions as to what or where the flush is and found the foot flush tucked under something to the side of the toilet. Difficult to find if your drunk or on a moving train haha. Ive been seeing more which operate on a proximity sensor aswell.