Design of everyday things

I haven’t been a book reader for several years, with excess time in hand I took it as a challenge to read a book. I had Dan Norman book- Design of everyday things; for 4 years ( bought it for class req.) but this is the 1st day I actually read a chapter.
It made me realize, what great information are given out that I missed.

I want to start this discussion and post designs that are both " well designed" and “not-so well designed” (as inspired from the book). As well, I want you to contribute and comment on any design that you come across " everyday things".

Here is a start,
3M’s headset, predominantly used in fast food drive thru’s. I worked for Mc’Donald’s and my first day Drive thru experience was memorable. First, you cannot say what those buttons are until you ask someone. So here is how the manager explained on how to operate the headset.

  1. When a car arrives, you will hear a beep.
  2. Then press and hold the button, the top most big button to talk.
  3. To communicate with the crew members, press and hold the circular button on the left corner.
  4. You could increase and decrease the volume buttons, the two next to the circular one.
  5. Dont press the oval button between the big 2. It will shut off all the headsets, including the crew’s.
  6. I dont’ know what the 2nd big button is, and no one knows.

All is well, until I hear a different kind of beep. I assumed that could be a dying battery. That was true, I see the battery and it shows how to remove and I put it in charging slots. Took a charged battery and replaced it. Customer’s are waiting for more than 30 seconds (thats a lot for fast food). But I still cannot hear them or any static disturbances. Then the manager asked me to press the “on” button ( she was in the 2nd window) I looked all around the phone, I couldnt find it. Now I panic as she started screaming. She ran towards me and pointed at a tiny pinhole that was almost flushed with the headset body and said," press this to activate". ( you could see the pinhole in the 2nd image)That was something, I tell you.
3M drive thru.JPG
3m headset.gif