Design News??

Where do you guys get your design news from I currently use dezeen, designboom and Core77. Plus I pop in and out of other sites. I have almost stopped buying Icon magazine as it’s quality went down.

I’m also finding with the instantness of blogging that I’m struggling to keep up with reading the blogs alongside the forums! This on top of working as a designer. Does everyone just pick their favourites and read those?

I’m subscribed to the IDSA twitter feed & some feeds of other designers.

Innovation magazine is good.

Gizmodo or Engadget for tech & design

Definitely, today’s plethora of resources requires a lot of picking and choosing.

I don’t read the full stream, I just browse what is the latest when I happen to be looking. It is impossible to see everything with so much content being generated, and so much content being duplicated and reposted, I feel that if it is really good, I will see it somehow through some channel.

Online - Notcot, Treehugger, Gizmodo, FastCo Design, @Issue, NyTimes Bus/Sci/Tech/Arts/Sunday Magazine and the Businessweek design blog will give you a pretty comprehensive slice of what’s happening. In print, PDMA Visions, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Company, Wallpaper, Wired are all good resources too.

I swear by my google rss reader (search Google Reader) - there is no way that I could go back to trawling through individual sites again, I much prefer having all of the news stories I want delivered to me in one place (including core :slight_smile: ). This way I can catch up over my lunch break, with a coffee, or whenever I get a spare ten minutes, knowing that I will only see posts I haven’t seen yet. Some of my hot rss feeds I watch at the moment are:

  • CoolHunter (good for finding out what is up and coming and always good if you are searching for possible emerging trends)
  • Popular science (not strictly design, but it has some great future insights into materials and processes)
  • FFFFound (inspirational imagery)
  • I’ve also just come across the Product Designers and Innovations site - - I’ve not had a chance to have a full look yet, but it looks interesting

Core 77 and design boom are best among all the have latest news and updates about designing. Thanks