Design Meccas in Europe

Later this summer I’m going on a ~9 day trip to Europe for the first time! I’ll be going solo, so I can visit all the design spots I want without having to worry about companions getting bored. Where should I go?

There are 44 countries in Europe with a total population of ~750 million people :wink:
I guess you know what I am getting at.

While it’s true that there is a lot of diversity in Europe, you can definitely find certain areas that are more concentrated in a certain design industry than others.
Do you have a specific interest or area you’d like to check out or learn more about?
Such as Automotive or furniture?

Another option could be to see if there are any design weeks, festivals or fairs going on at that time.

In general, I would probably just try to find places that would inspire you the most and take in the culture, architecture, food and art.
So for example, I find Copenhagen more inspiring than Rome but there are definitely many others that would think differently.

For a 9-day trip, I recommend 2 days in London, visiting the Tate, then to Amsterdam for a day by boat (to Hoek van Holland), taking the train to Paris for 2 days and ending your summer in Barcelona.

Yeah, it was a pretty broad question, I know haha.

Yes, that last bit is exactly what I’m looking for. A place where I can just absorb the whole culture. I actually did have Copenhagen in mind, but wasn’t sure if there were other places like that.

That sounds awesome. What kind of stuff should I check out in Amsterdam? I don’t really know anything about it.