Design Manager in Hong Kong

If anyone knows of a company that needs a Design Manager in Hong Kong please let me know. My portfolio and resume can be found at Tim Fletcher 田阜才, President of One BusinessDesign, LLC. in Pittsburgh, PA

As some of you have read from my “Hong Kong - If you come they will hire” topic, I am currently eating my own words. I was hired seven months ago by a locally owned Hong Kong Company. Now that they feel I have things running smoothly I have was asked to turn in my resignation. I am currently doing a very strong job search, but I know that being refered is everything when you reach the number of years I have been working in ID.


Damn, sorry to hear about that. Good luck with the search.

We have been talking about opening an offfice in Hong Kong perhaps the next time I am there we can get together? Until then, I have heard the Leapfrog is still looking and so is safety first. (At least that is what I have heard.)

If you need contact info contact me directly.