Design Manager compensation advice

I’m looking for advice on where to find data on average compensation for a Design Manager. Normally, my first stop would be the coroflot salary survey Design Salary Guide | Coroflot, but I can’t figure out how to access the 2009 results while the 2010 data is being crunched. I am working in Toronto, Canada and have searched the ACIDO, ACID, and DX sites with little success.

A brief background on my situation is as follows: I have a BID, I am working in-house in the softgoods industry, I have been working for my current employer for 5 years as a product designer, I would have 5 direct reports as a Design Manager and I would report to the Director of Design & Development. I want to be able to negotiate a compensation package for my new position that is fair given the experience that I can bring to the role. If anyone can advise typical salary + bonus levels for this type of position (my health/retirement benefits are already satisfactory) or direct me to an online resource to reference, I would really appreciate the help. In the meantime I will continue to Google…

Thanks in advance.

There’s a huge difference depending on industry, company, etc. but I’d take a stab in the dark to guess 60-80K CDN in Toronto for the type of places that are here.

Really depends on the tier of brand and company and company size. 5 years to Design Manager is relatively short and may reflect a smaller ecosystem. In the US for a larger or comparable brand could be +20K for a similar title that would be more like 8+ years experience. From what I know of much of the companies here in TO, many are small so Design Manager may be a different role than those in larger companies thus the discrepancy and promotion path.

Feel free to PM me if you like for a more detailed conversation.


it all depends on the company’s corporate pay structure, size of company, your duties, and outgoing rate in GTA… in the US it would be around $75-$120K depending on the company size and State your in… $60K CDN sounds a bit low but i heard CDN$ is worth more than the US now… ??