design management

Best book on design management?

Product Design: Practical Methods for Systematic Development of New Products by Mike Baxter
The Design Agenda: A Guide to Successful Design Management by Rachel Cooper and Mike Press
Arteology/Arteología/Tuotetiede (an online book from University of Art and Design Helsinki)

Design-management, -process and -methodology; it’s all the same? You can find my method here; NEW Saab 9-2 is a re-badge Subaru Inpreza

To me the best resource for learning about project management is Harvard Business Review. It is not as linear a path but the range more than makes up for it.

Here are some of the books that influenced me as a Design Manager:

The Creative Priority by Jerry Hirschberg

Eliot Noyes by Gordon Bruce

Creating Breakthrough Products by Cagen & Vogel

Winning at New Products by Cooper

PDMA Toolbook for NPD:

Harvard Case studies previously mentioned.

DMI Quarterly

@Issue magazine by the Corporate Design Foundation

“Creating Breakthrough Products” Jonathan Cagan, Craig M. Vogel. Not really design mangement but a good book on the process. Great book!!!

Sorry I should read the whole post!! My book has already been suggested. My bad. This is a great book thought. It worth the read. There is also “The Art of Innovation” about IDEO. This is kind of a novelty read but there is some good content in this book as well if you read between the lines.

I just finished “Making it Stick”. A must read for design managers.

I second the Creative priority, but I have found that I have learnt a lot by joining the design management institute ( and reading all their journals. It’s good and very up to date stuff.

How do you get started in design management? Did you get a minor in business or learn it on your own?

At my first job out of school my boss quit and my company was too cheap to hire an another design manager. I was two years out of college and I became the design manager. I’ve sat in the big chair ever since.

After about 10 years I went back to school for an MBA so I would actually know what I was doing.