Design Management in Taiwan

I am currently looking for a Design Management position in Taiwan.

Does anyone from Taiwan have any web locations to look for these types of jobs?

Does anyone else know of a company looking for a Design Manager for Taiwan?

If you would prefer not to answer in public, email me at

Tim Fletcher

Yes I do know of some places here in Taiwan, but posting you name/email here on core77 publically is hardly the right way of going about this.


Just to make sure I understand correctly. Are you saying:

  1. That it is the incorrect way from the point of view of finding a job in Taiwan?
  2. Putting my name and email in a public forum is a dangerous thing to do?
  3. Both


Why the interest in Taiwan? Do you speak a little Zhongwen on the side? Have you visited Taiwan before / often?

Good luck,


Does anyone know what happened (if anything) to The site is not longer active and when I initially chanced upon the company last year I thought it revolutionary that a Western-style design firm could office a block away from their manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, have a former Ford plant manager (who speaks Mandarin) oversee production, etc. At least that’s what I gleaned from their once active website. It had me quaking thinking that to be successful in ID alongside a Sinocentric background would require me to live in China fulltime, something I would not have a problem doing were it not for my wife and my two monkeys (and extended family, of course).


Gaygaruda - I have been to Taiwan a few times, though I have spent more time in Hong Kong, mainland China and Bangkok.

I want to live near China and was originally looking to Hong Kong. The change to Taiwan is because my significant other could get a jobe there very easily.

Maybe the proper thing to do would have been to say that if anyone knows of a company looking for a design manager in Taiwan then my resume and portfolio shots can be found at Tim Fletcher 田阜才, President of One BusinessDesign, LLC. in Pittsburgh, PA

Gaygaruda - Titoma is still in Taiwan. I am contacting them. Their new web site is

English teacher?

cow - If your question is in regards to my sig other the answer is no. She is both a Civil and Environmental Engineer.

I see, glad to hear that.

Civil and environmental engineer… hmm, will be hard in Taiwan. I bet she will face a lot of challenges, especially political ones. Corruption and such. Don’t know about now, but in architectual field in Taiwan, it’s all about commissions. An architect will make decision on the material based on the amount of commissions he can make. My dad is a architectual coating supplier and we rather deal with overseas sales than local ones.

Also, environmental issue in Taiwan is gaining more attention, but with the mentality of the locals of “it’s mine, I can do anything I want with it”, it will be hard to enforce laws. Furthermore, there’s little respect for authority in Taiwan. If your wife will be working for the government, she will probably be doing a lot less than what she hope to.

and if you wear a hat they think the building is gonna fall on your head-at any moment.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention she is an elected official and has run many successful political campaigns.

I have found the majority of my dealings with Taiwan business folks to be unethical.

It is almost the norm there to be crooked. Don’t know why but it seems they laugh at you if you follow rules and they always try to avoid contracts.

Haggling and penny pinching is the norm too.

Not the type of politics westerners are used to.

Cow - Politics is how to get as much for yourself by giving up the least. The language changes but the song remains the same. :slight_smile:

there are three degrees to accepting poverty [ control over fate]

first degree-poverty of ascetics:

a-those who stay away from what is in this world whether in taking or asking.

b- keeping your tongue whether praising or humiliating.

c- health whether seeking or ignoring

second degree, poverty of those who go back to past to study the merit of what proceeded in a sequence they had no control over:

a- merit that comes from deliverance when your actions show their true side.

b-merit that cuts through intuition of different conditions.

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khajeh abdollah ansari
sharhe manazel a’saerin
fifth chapter- elements: section8- poverty

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