Design management : Domus vs IED Madrid

Hello, I am looking into Design Management Courses in Europe (english lang) and found both Domus and IED Madrid pretty good, can anyone suggest which one is better ?? I already have a Bachelors in Communication Design : User Experience Design.

Also do suggest other good courses that you know of …

Thanks… :slight_smile:

Most of the people I know with Design Management degrees became program managers, essentially doing the work of budgeting and client communications. While most of the design managers I know were just great designers who could see the big picture, inspire clients, and build teams. 3 things impossible to learn in school.

I half agree.

I think this is something you have to learn via experience regardless of context. However I think if the school allows the room for it, it is a good place to start learning how to build those skills. Using school as a safety net and harness in learning how to build teams, inspire clients and/or others to use design and see the big picture.

Even though school can be a good beginning point for those skills, I think you shouldn’t think that getting a degree in Design Management would compensate for skills learned via work environment.

If you haven’t been working for 4-5 years already, I’d say scrap the grad school idea for now. Get in the world and gain some experience working with real clients. Then once you’ve got experience, go for an MBA that’s more focused on strategy/marketing/product development.