Design Management Coach?

I’ve used sales and management coaches before to tremendous benefit. Seeing that our industry seems to be shifting towards far more independent designers or small boutique firms. I’m curious as to whether there’s a market for this same kind of management training but targeting designers.

I would most definitely say yes.

Gordon Bruce is probably the most famous design management coach, but DMI can hook most anyone up.

How so? I’m not knocking DMI at all…but there’s a distinct difference between a conference and resource group and a coach. Coaches are available for calls, and “Design Psychology” moments. They’re, effectively, sounding boards.

The sales coach I had was available at any time for a call to help work through things like, “how much should I charge”, or “should I even take this job”. They helped me tune my sales process and style as well as helped me reprogram my psychology around the growth (or lack of growth) of my company.

Does DMI provide that kind of service to its members?

OP : You really need to speak to some guys from Ireland who set up successful start-up companies that are now generating profits. Boy do they sell. I swear. Getting ahead in Ireland involves a lot of salesmanship. I can connect you with some of those entrepreneurs if you wish. I’m currently based in Dogpatch Labs, which is a co-working space that houses those guys. Please PM me if you’re interested.