Design Mags????

Does anyone know of any good Industrial Design mags worth subscribing to?
Any suggestions will be appreciated.



Please tell me you our question are not an Industrial Designer. If you are you should know the answer to your question.

well ID is one


ID is obviously more specific towards industrial design, whereas the others are an amalgam of industrial design, interior/architecture, lifestyle…

Another is:

innovation - free with your idsa membership

hehe yeah i forgot that one… and it was sitting there right next to me

I’ve always been a fan of:

  • Metropolis
  • Popular Science
  • I.D.
  • National Geographic
  • Wired

There is only a couple purely “design” mags in that list, but I think that to truley understand design, you have to look at things from many vantage points. That list of mags does a good job of inspiring me and keeping my motivation up.


ICON (uk mag) is also pretty sweet

ICON for sure.
DAM (Design, Architecture and art Magazine)
Pol Oxygen
Sole Collector (for me anyway)
Auto & Design

Thanks to all for helping me draw up a magazine shopping list.
You guys listed a lot of mags I haven’t heard of or found on Core’s list of Mags.

And Special thanks to the pompous ass who left the first reply.
I guess I should re-evaluate my career, huh?


Azure. It’s like the Canadian version of Metropolis, but much better. More design, less architecture, and they have a really good materials feature every month. Also a good designer profile. I highly recommend it.