Design Magazines

can you please list your favorite source design magazine and how to get them since my newsstand or bookstore might not carry them or had never heard of them.

thank you

you can find lost of online magazines-or suscribe to them so you get them delivered.
My favourite one is DOMUS, but it depends what kind of desing you are looking for. Domus covers mostly everything, here is the link for the site: DOMUS: Scopri la Storica Rivista di Architettura, Design e Arte

Let me know what you think about it

Here are some:

American Showcase
I get the print version of ARCHIVE. Very creative international print advertising

Communication Arts
check out the creative hot list while your there

Computer Arts
UK mag

Design mags & Graphic resources
Links to design mags

Digital Web Magazine

Graphic Design:USA
featuring people, news, trends and products in the graphic design industry

HOW magazine
Graphic design books, magazines, competitions and conferences

Media Inspiration
another online mag

PRINT magazine
America’s Graphic Design Magazine

core77 design magazine and resource
mostly industrial design although some graphic stuff. There are a few graphic people that hang out on the discussion list. Job postings on the site as well. Post 5 images (portfolio) for free

designboom, the independent voice
lots of product, architecture,

a new media culture magazine + design portal → feed your eyes!

For Graphic Design HOW Magazin is by far the best.

Great articles about running a design business, creativity, inspiration, etc… and lots of nice work. It’s much less stuffy than Communication Arts and better than PRINT.

thank you!!! very get information, i’ll start reading their site and hook myself up with the magz.

Thank you. :smiley:

question, is there any magazine that focus on production designing aspect? Like, machine or from the ground up of the material process to the final product itself?

just wondering but i’m sure some of the one’s listed might cover some of those areas.

thank you peeps


I.D. really has gone down hill sine the ‘new look’ featured in the latest issue. The articles have always been poor and inaccurate.

by any chance you have a website link to blueprint???

thank you

Metropolis is pretty decent (actually, the only mag I still subsribe to). It tends to be a bit NYC-focused at times. Covers all sorts of design issues but mostly architecture.

a couple that haven’t been mentioned yet: (great mag, expensive) (they have texts in english as well)

thank you guys. i’ll look into it more

Curve from Australia

Frame is cool. really out there layout and crazy stuff

Not much of a site for Blueprint


no one has mentioned ICON. What wallpaper* was to the 90s, ICON is for the 00s!

for some inspiring rendering technique and eye candy

Axis is a japanese magazine that is geared primarily at product design.

Form Function Finland is another from finland (of course).

These were two I found at my school’s library besides some that have been mentioned. Subscription prices are extremely high for these so you might want to see if some local universities have them.

Many architecture and interior design magazines usually have a couple articles relating to product and more specifically furniture and lighting design.

I don’t know any good ones off hand, I usually flip through them at the bookstore just to see what they have because they are also pretty expensive.

I’ve had about a year long subscription to Metropolis and I couldn’t be happier with it. I.D. never really appealed to me. Abitare is a really solid Italian based one, but it is damn expensive; around $12 an issue.