Design Lust: Cars

I only recently discovered the classic sexiness that is the nissan figaro… Holy Cow, I must have one… What are you lusting after in the automotive dept?

There’s a ton of those over in the UK…

I found myself looking up old EU version ford escorts on Ebay a couple weeks ago

That orange Escort is MINT! Super nice. I only recently learned that the classic Honda “Barbell” grille essentially came from that classic Euro Ford.
This thread is complete trouble… I’ve always wanted a Studebaker Avanti. It is a little goofy, but I love it. And the detailing is great. Image explosion below: I want it in black. This one looks like it was in the original 1964 showroom or something…



It’s well known on these boards that I am still kicking my ass for having ever sold my '66 MkI Lotus Cortina

I’ve got a ton of cars on my bucketlist but i’ve always hankered after a 1974 Lamborghini LP400. Pre U.S. spec bumpers, fender flares, rear wing, and general 80’s cheesiness. Also has skinny tires! This is as close to Marcelo Gandini’s vision as you can get without trying to find the original show car.

More pics:

A 2000 Siebener! I think I’ll get one just for fun.

1961 Ferrari 250 GT California… from Ferris Buellers Day Off.

Chicka chickaaaaaa…

1971 BMW 2002 Touring in M livery

2003 e46 m3 in laguna secs blue, with the caramel interior.

Of course 10 year old me still wants an F40

I’ve never seen a touring version of the 2002!

Are we talking lust, money no object, or within the realm of some kind of possible reality?


Richard: This is the internet. Reality has no bearing here.

Though I’m not what you’d call a BMW enthusiast, I’ve been pretty infatuated with this M coupe lately.
I was looking at the Z3 based coupe, which I love, when I realized I just might like this one better.

I was keeping it within reason… some kind of reason. Otherwise I would have put a Mercedes 300 sl gulling, a Ford GT 40, and a bunch of others on there… but to each their own. It is the “Lust” discussion! :wink:

Citroen DS, 2nd generation (dual lamps, preferably enclosed and turning), in light blue or a dark gray.
Ever since I saw one in front of a nightclub in grad school. It has huge presence and is just plain beautiful. Seems like prices have been headed back up, unfortunately.

BMW’s don’t affect me in general. Mid 70’s 3.0 CSL and the Calder Art Car version of it however, hit me hard. Stunners.

From the BMW museum in Munich.

I was thinking like you could get one, but it’s not going to happen due to something. So yeas plausible cars, but some have the sky as the limit.

The Figaro is cheap and I could buy one, but it will be really hard to get one in the US…

Might be considered obvious choices but…

  • 1965 Mustang Fastback
  • 1967 Jaguar XKR
  • 1977 Porsche 911 Turbo (complete with whale tail spoiler of course)

I think I may add a Singer 911:

T t i u w p !