Design Journalism

Hello, I posted this in the design research thread but it doesn’t hurt to have it here as well I suppose…
I’m a 1st year ID student in Australia and am hoping to get involved in Design journalism/research upon graduation. Are there any tips anyone can bestow that may give me an edge when it comes to getting involved in such an industry? I have been advised to start a blog and publish my interests/articles/stories there which i have begun to do (on Does anyone suggest a better, more design orientated platform for that sort of thing? Being a student I need to have it upon free sites. Also, in terms of education, I’m doing a double Interior/Industrial major with post grad journalism credits.
Any advice would be awesome!



I would suggest talking to Belinda Stenning, the Publisher and Editor, of Curve Magazine, in your very own Melbourne.

I met her in July and she is very knowledgable about this subject.

A blog is the key. Traditional mediums of journalism take a lot to get into. Start a blog, write some good stuff, get noticed and you are in!