Design Journalism advice

Well this may be fruitless as this forum seems to be U.S orientated (and I’m from the land down under) but I say we are all a big melting pot of design goodness!
I’m keen for some advice on study paths and the like to get myself involved in design journalism. At the moment I’m 1st year Industrial Design hoping to major in both ID and Interior (to have a base of design process knowledge), and then do some post grad studies in journalism or creative writing. Does this seem like a good way to go about gaining the right credentials? Both speculation and experienced advice is welcome!

If you want to become a journalist do a side blogsite for a hobby to help you writing and making articles about things that interest you.

Good tip, thank-you! At least then I’ll have something to show people when I hunt for work experience.

somewhere here was a recent post that SVA or one of the other NY schools was starting a Design Criticism degree…