Design Jobs in Florida?

Hey I am a recent grad with a bachelors degree in Industrial Design and I would really like to work somewhere in Florida but I am having trouble finding design companies located in Florida. Does anyone know of Design companies in Florida or a company that I could get a job with with my degree? > … search.asp

What… . only 54 ID shops . … pfff tt t … … hardly worth the effort. :wink:

Searching for open positions may be a better approach.
With or you can search under designer and Florida and use filters on left to focus search. SimplyHired has additional work experience filter (0-2 years) may help focus your search even further.
Good Luck!

Don’t limit yourself to FL. Design jobs are a tricky thing. When you are starting out, you need to go where the industry is and wherever it takes you. Especially these days when the job field is limited and competition is high. I know the market is pretty good here around Chicago, but the bigger markets have bigger competition, so make sure you are prepared with a stellar resume and portfolio. Good Luck!

I love to resuscitate an old post now and then and this one peaked my curiosity after typing a search for “Florida” and “design”.

I’ve been wondering for a long time now; since entering into ID, why ID is not represented as much in the state of FL? There are a few well-known housewares companies in the state, but other than that, you can probably only find Motorola and a few other large companies for consumer products. Or maybe I haven’t done enough research?

You can find fashion, advertising and interiors agencies but very little ID consultancies. Anyone have a clue as to why?

By the way, I am not in FL (though I lived in Miami long ago).

I grew up near Tampa.

I’m actually shocked at how much ID is now in Florida. Most ID consultants and corporate offices popped up in manufacturing centers and stayed when the factories left. Florida never had manufacturing so there aren’t these legacy offices.

Most of the big offices that are in Florida today are not oriented towards physical products (lots of IT stuff), so the ID posts stay in the offices where the physical development is happening.