Design *isms

Anyone like to contribute some design *isms…? (design trueisims)

I got-

The consumer doesnt know what they want, they want what they know

Fix the bits in space that need to be there, then work everything else

Talking about design is like dancing about baking

… more to come…


LOL, that is a good one.

As was brought up in the Transportation section today:

“If you try to polish a turd, all you get is shit on your hands.”

Design is a process, not an outcome
Design = Innovation in the eyes of the user
“What’s Industrial Design?”
Your competition is Disneyland
Invest in the front to save in the back
Your products run for election every day
Design is about people, not things or technologies
Good, fast, cheap–pick two (the infamous “iron triangle.”)
“Let’s call IDEO!”
Design will make it “look cool”
“People don’t want design, they want features.”
“Can you make it like an iPod?”

build early and often

individuals are best at coming up with ideas, groups are best at evaluating them.

there’s no such thing as a bad idea

things make more sense when tacked to a wall.

don’t be a dick.

I made that last one up, but I think it works.

Oh come on you guys, the classic:
Keep It Simple Stupid!
I have to remind myself of that one all the time.

Not exactly *isms (sorry to go a little off my own topic), but close. More graphic design focused, but these are great-

some select good ones,

“The client has given us FINAL approval, but asked if we could change one small thing.”

“Of course you want it for yesterday! If you want it for today, you should order it TOMORROW!!!”

“Concept 1 is approved. Although why don’t you show me something that incorporates concept 1 with concept 3 and uses the headline from concept 2? Make the logo bigger like in concept 2 and the copy larger from concept 3. You guys did a great job, you are right on target with concept 1.”

“The only requirement is that you stay within the corporate brand. We have a brand identity guide but it’s old so don’t go by that. Just go by what looks new.”


There are no new ideas.

wow can’t believe we haven’t seen our old friend

“form follows function” yet.

submissions seem open to anyone who studied design/art.

“People don’t want lamps, they want light.”

Here’s some IDEO ones…

Design is a verb.

an IDEO joke…

Q. How many designers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A. Why does it have to be a lightbulb?

From “the world is full of stuff” thread courtesy of Yo:

“Men need to design stuff because they can’t have babies.”

This project is just a “skin job.”

I always thought that term sounded kind of dirty :slight_smile:

I hear this one on just about every project.

“We want it to look cool and eye catching”

It never fails, some marketing person always says this.

“it should be different than the competition”

1 week later

“that doesn’t look anything like the (insert lead competitor)'s”

different, but the same
the same, but different

one of those

I love how this morphed from design-isms, to marketing-isms… which are funnier:

I always liked this one

Marketing: “this product needs to be completely new, we want to revolutionize the marketplace. We will have to use all existing mechanicals, it will be tough to write any new software, and it would be great if you guys could use some existing shell components like the battery door.”

Design: “So it’s a skin job?”

Marketing: “that is exactly what we DO NOT want!”

cant believe i forgot this great one-

" the consumer doesnt know what they want, but wants what they know "


“if you can’t make it better, make it bigger, if you can’t make it bigger make it red”

“measure twice, cut once”

“but what does it do?”

this one applies

“If I wanted a good look at a T-bone steak I could stick my head up a bull’s ass but I’d rather take a butchers word for it…” Tommy boy


“Your not paid to think kid, your paid to design” Bill Mitchell in response to a newbie saying he thought it would be better his way.