Design-ish Spotted in Your Neighborhood

All the designy feelings!

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That could be a neat entertainment+infographic for displaying some data, e.g. ‘types of wood burned in North America’ or ‘most popular dog breeds’. Very gratifying - I do appreciate a well formed firewood stack. Ever seen the Norwegian style?

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That’s illegal here in Illinois and 17 other states.

“You can tell a lot about a person from his – or her – woodpile,”

Thing of beauty!

Not as inspiring as the wood stacks but I admire this rather elegant solution every time I drive by.


one of our retired participants in a storytelling workshop we facilitate at a community center was carrying this gadget - its a phone and its not a brand we recognized

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looks like they were going for some mil-spec - Vertu phone mash up @Niti_Bhan … did you happen to get an image of the back of it?

Sadly no… I felt geekily weird enough gushing over this and taking a pic ;p

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Insmat seems to be an accessory shop - I’ll be seeing the owner on Thursday, I’ll ask to see it again and check if its a clip on accessory

Google image search says: KAZAM LIFE R5 …
the overly rugged style paired with that logo looks like ex-Soviet-satellite-state product but it was a UK company existing 2013-2018.


LOL, it does @shaggy … it looks like a Soviet prop from a Bond movie

Shhh, we don’t about the Russian influence over here in Finland… ;p