Design is just COMMON SENSE

Design I believe is just common sense…or probably
Common sense is just apt Response to Stimulii…Any comments.

anywayz that topic was just to grab attention. I have just completed my architecture. I have applied for the foolowing.I intend to pursue my pg in Industrial Design.Need some help selecting the right school.

  1. Domus, Italy
  2. IED, Italy
  3. TuDelft, Holland
  4. Brunel, UK
  5. Loughborough, UK
  6. Salford, UK
  7. Edinburgh, UK
  8. Sheffield Hallam, UK
  9. Manchestor Metropolitan, UK.
  10. Domus ( Interiors).

I have been accepted into the Interiors program in Domus and the Industrial Design program in Salford and Loughborough. I am awaiting results for the rest.

I would like to know which of these univs are the best and in what terms.pls guide me with ur inputs.

Thanks in advance


Hi ppl

Havnt heard from anyone.

I just received a mail saying I have been accepted into the Industrial Design course in IED ( Instituto Europeo di Design),Italy.I havnt heard discuss this school in the forum.It would be nice if ppl could educate me on this school.

Need guidance




I have just received an admit from Domus Academy for Industrial Design (2005). How is this school. And how are the scope for foreign designers in Europe.

Need help


Don’t know anything about the schools, but wanted to reply to you to make sure you didn’t feel neglected.
I have a question for you - are you from the states?
If so what made you decide to go abroad?
If not, from an int’l perspective do you think that Europe+ offers a better perspective/education for ID and the arts?
thanks - alli

Hi amhoha

Thanx for the reply. I first did a study of the schools in US, UK & Europe.The outcome - ppl said Europe & UK are far more design based and strong as far as conceptualisation is concerned.Their mentioning of companies like NOKIA, IKEA, Whirlpool etc almost had me convinced.

And compared to US the fees seems to be more affordable to me.I applied and got through and now am in a fix.It would be nice if ppl could guide me.

What are you doing.Are you working or studying…tell me something bout urself…anywayz I am not from the US.




Thank you for your reply. I’m assuming when you say that schools abroad are based more on the conceptual side - your comparison means that US schools are more technical?
Affordable is key though. KEY
I’m a recent grad myself; I just finished up a BFA in sculpture in CT (US). I’m definitely a bit lost myself. I’m not sure what the next step should be. I’m applying for jobs in my area for the meantime, trying to save some money. That way when the next step appears, I’ll be able to throw some cash down. I’d like to get into ID, not sure which direction. Everything excites - from lighting, to bathroom fixtures, to cars, to consumer products. I’m not sure that I’d like to pick one - but specializing seems the way to go nowadays. The hardest part for me right now is that I have no computer training. The New Kid just told me to look at some junior colleges or undergrad programs for that experience. I’d like to avoid spending another four years w/ 18 year olds (I’m almost 24), but if that’s what I have to do then so be it.
I’m sorry I don’t know much about schools out there in fantasy land (never been farther than PR, YET). Hopefully a more knowledgable candidate will pop up. Until then - feel free to fire some question and tell me more about you.
thanks - Alli

Hi amoha

It is not that I have an aversion for US universities.It is just that I had applied to a few univs in US but got rejected for some wierd other concern was the fee.

Its been sometime now and I dont c anybody guiding…I think ppl are tired discussing these subjects. Its just that I am trying find out ppls views on my choice of schools.I had read the Brunel vs Loughborough thread.Did get an idea.Another thread said domus doesnt seem to be very good.Now I am in a fix.I dont know if I should go to Italy or UK.anyway enough with my confusion.


I would suggest you to take up some course in computers or probably get some help from friends who know bout some softwares.If you could get to know …the working of a software then from there on u could practice and innovate. I also think doing a BID could be taxing to you.Why dont u talk to ppl in the universities u are interested in.What if ppl say ur sketching and model making talents are more than enough if u could convey ur ideas effectively.

Design I think is not just computer knowledge…but bout conveying ur thoughts efficiently…could be through sketches or models.Think bout it and contact the univs.I am sure ppl will take u if they find ur sketches n models interesting.

Dont waste time…give it a shot…contact univs

All the best,



have you read all of their prospectuses and everything on their websites?

ask the unis - email them with specific questions. email them again.ask for some email addresses of somebstudents on the course.
always be specific, not ‘tell me about your course’, but detailed questions. i got some very useful replies to some of my emails.

good luck


Hi dotx

THanx for ur guidance. I have mailed the universities for further info.

I would also like to know ur views of these universities.How are the job prospects in UK and EU.

DO you know someone in Loughborough, Domus or IED. It would be helpful if you could introduce me to a few.