Design is in the details

I went to the new car show last night. Other than alot of cool cup holders, especially on the Saab 9-3 and BMW 3, it is hard to find a truly innovative design feature. Here are a few things that did stick out for me.

Isn’t it great to see VW use this tartan fabric on the GTI seats. Just like the original!

I didn’t look at door locks, but this one from Saab caught my eye. It maybe some partsbin find at GM, but I thought it was a little different for a rather mundane part.

Here is a different material used in the Prius. I didn’t see this texture used on any other car.

Again, a unique design detail on the Prius. I’ve seen this use of layered plastic in electronics, but never a car before.

You can get a sunroof like this on a Mercedes, or for thousands less on a Pontiac G6. Wonderful to see open sky motoring being seeded around the GM world.

Can anyone tell me where this turn signal is from?

Oh! I saw bad design too. For some reason, a Mercedes had power window buttons you pushed and pulled on. I have no clue which direction would be up and down.

that pattern on the Prius stearing wheel is also used on the Scion tC’s dashboard.