design inspiration books

I’m trying to start up a design library for info and inspiration. What are some good “picture books” or coffee table books that have great images to flip through for inspiration or for fun?

there’s some good books here:

^^^ that thread mostly covers books on design theory
For “coffee table” books, I have a few that I like:

Philippe Starck

Oblagon, Concepts Of Syd Mead

Marc Newson

Digital Dreams : The Work of the Sony Design Center

The Art of Star Wars (Series)

Appledesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group

Books by Phaidon Press

I also tend to pick up books on architects, sculptors and modern artists. Henry Moore, Santiago Calatrava etc…

Designers on Design – Terrence Conran

A nice, basic rundown of current designers. There is an interview with each designer. These tend to be a bit glib, but I learn something from each one. It’s the only “coffee table” book that I keep coming back to. Focuses on furniture and household stuff mostly.

Nomadic Furniture 1 and 2 – Victor Papanek
60s books from my dad’s bookshelf. The wonders of the internet book market have brought them back to me. There is nothing really amazing about Nomadic Furniture, it’s just that it personally inspired me at an early age. Anyone else remember these?

I was checking amazon and they have Graphis Product Design 2 new and used for $8. Its from 1998, but it is only $8. Get them while they last (I got mine, it was only $8).