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In recent times, design in India seems to be heating up. there are many design events which are being planned. One such event is happening on 4th and 5th of december. check

It is estimated that a few design schools in India graduate about 500 designers a year, there is a need for about 10,000 a year…so obviously it is a good time for the few designers and design offices. Design offices are looking for design talent in Industrial design, graphic design fields to relocate and work in India and it seems like the salaries etc may just be better than what you would get anywhere. SO you may want to get in touch with

Indian design companies are working for international clientele now, There are some inherent strengths Indians have as designers…being multicultural is one…India has many languages, cuisines, fashions, cultures and traditions…it is common for any indian to know maore than 4/5 languages in addition to english. Culturally india is a very simple lifestule place, the infrastructure is just emerging…hence overheads etc are low…and the design somehow is influenced by european influences…there so it is very international work at cheaper rates…not really cheap work.

Government may soon release a policy document to help investments in design and thus grow the sector as such…many new design schools are opening up. There is no association representing design in India…at best there is Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos

Designindia is a e group which discusses design and its periphery in Indian context.

I am an Indian freelance designer based in the USA.
if you’d like to collaborate on a project feel free to drop me a line.