Design in Vancouver

I’m interested in what Industrial design is happening in Vancouver…I just visited the city and really enjoyed it. I’m graduating soon and looking to relocate, are there any good jobs there? What are the top design firms in the city? Any info about the (industrial) design scene would be awesome.

There isn’t that much going on in Vancouver, Labtec is there. Wacom and Nautilus are based there too, but most of their product development is done elsewhere. There are lots more opportunities across the river in Portland.

Not much ID in Vancouver. Been down that road many times in the past. Don’t waste time and move on.

I think GVRD is refering to Vacouver, BC Canada, not Vancouver Washington, right?

Yes, I was referring to the Canadian version of Vancouver…so if that changes anyone’s opinion, please help me out.

The city is pretty strong in film/video, am I correct in that? It seems like the design culture is there, but are the firms?

Sadly, there is not enough manufacturing to support ID. Of course, that’s why the air is fresh and the scenery gorgeous. There is a lot of cutting edge sports fashion and there are a few design firms, but nothing like the big design centres. The strong Canuck dollar and the Terminator’s new protectionist laws have really bashed on the local film industry… I heard that’s why LOTR was filmed in NZ. You are right about the culture… people here know how to buy good design, but there isn’t a lot of it done locally.


I would absolutely love to work in Vancouver someday. If I ever decided to leave the states, that would be the first place I’d go.

For what I know, been there a few time… Toronto is very nice city too. Does anyone know how’s the ID job market there?

Here are some past discussions on the topic:

Form 3, Karo, CREO, MEC are probably still your best bets.

I just came here 3 months ago. For taking English program and Internship program… And I was looking for any ID design Studio for working. And I can say to you there is only few of ID studio or company. So. Now I am working at visual design company. It was my best… Yes. Of course you can find some of company or studio. But they have only 2 or 3 employee. So I would like say to you. Go to other city. hm… Otherwise you can visit “KORO design studio”
I heard it’s biggest ID design studio in Vancouver.

And can I ask you… Where do you come from??

not sure how current the info is…but it has a list of practicing designers and their companies in BC (mostly vancouver)

There are a few jobs in Vancouver if you’re into soft-goods design. (backpacks, jackets, outdoor gear) Vancouver has a pretty thriving outdoor industry due to it’s location.

Warning though - The local design school - ECIAD has a soft-goods design course and as a result those students tend to have an “in”.

There are a few ID firms however they are all fairly small and don’t hire too often.

If you can get the work it’s a great place to live.

Hey all-

Vancouver is a great place to live for sure, as far as ID work goes its a hard to find work. However, if you work hard and network you can find a gig. I am in my 4th year at ECIAD and did an internship at Sierra Wireless this last term which lead me into my next job at another local firm. The design scene is growing and we need more IDer’s for sure!

May be switching to sell chicken rice might be worry-freed. Think about it, make a career switch.

Good Luck !!!