Design in the mechanical details

Siemens doesn’t say if they had designers work on their new Electronic Wedge Brake system, but it sure looks good none-the-less. This is something I appreciate in some European companies, the constant aesthetic awareness, even in a mechanical detail.

cool…it looks real industrial. interesting technology too, seems almost too good to be true :slight_smile:


it is nice to see a different shape on calipers. Any idea how it is supposed to function? What are the wires for? Traction control - stability system - ABS???

Siemens is big enough to have a special R&D group to run a few black box projects for unique markets. Is this a skunk works thing?

While not purely ‘automotive’, I thought these engines to be well detailed.

You’re probably familiar with the name “Ilmor”. They’ve been cranking out (pun intended) high performance automotive engines since the early eighties. But they also produce marine engines.

Ilmor MV10 Series … starting at 550hp @ 5,500 r.p.m. … and available is colors …

See Ilmor at: >> Click on “Installations” and “Engines”

MAN V12-1550 Gold Standard Series; 1550 shp @ 2,300 r.p.m.

This engine is a ‘commercial’ powerplant; the ‘Gold Standard’ is a refined version, with extended warranty and service, available only for ‘private use’ vessels; aka: Yachts. The covers are usually painted white.

Makes the acronym B.O.A.T. much easier to understand; Break Out Another Thousand

Maybe there was a designer involved but, sometimes all it takes is a good engineer that respects his work, has pride in his work, and applies a good sense of craftsmanship to everything he works on.

Gifted engineers do exist. It looks like one of them may work at SVDO.