Design in the golf biz

Saw an add for an industrial designer at Callaway golf…anyone here work in the golf biz? Just curious how much true “ID” there is in the golf industry. To me, it seems that the design of the clubs and hard goods would be engineering driven, then thrown on the designers desk for some “styling.”

that’s a fair take i should think…seems to me that cg has posted for an id several times in the last few years, so i am not sure what is up with them…might not be a bad gig for an old fart like me though.

I do not personally, but a good friend of mine who graduated from RIT got a job with PING golf in Arizona. They have only a few ID people, and they are mainly in charge of accessories and soft goods. His primary job is designing golf bags, secondary is soft goods like shirts and what not. So I would imagine most jobs in the industry would be around accessories.

Yeah, I’d think there is a fair amount of real design in the bags, and to some extent, the accessories.

I guess if you’re passionate about golf, seems like it would be a sweet deal, especially if there’s lots of time for “testing” out on the course!


they “PING” called me to come out and interview with them. at the time I was with atlantic luggage. i took another postion so i never went on the interview. i am sure they are a great company. like top 4 in golf clubs. anyways the postion was for designing soft goods, (bags and accesories) with some influence in the clubs area. the clubs were for the most part designed be the engineering staff. there are some hard pieces that would need to be designed that are on the bag…

I did some work for Nicklaus years ago.

As mentioned by others; accessories, packaging, and POP displays were the primary projects. Also did some work with an golf equipment wholesale distributor; again POP displays and packaging, as well as kiosks.

It would probably have gone further … but I hate golf.