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As a multi-disciplined designer as well as social media marketer, I have been in South Korea for almost 10 yrs. Coming here attending master class at visual design courses, then graduated from here as a marketer as well as in charging of creating some graphic stuff for Korean company. After 15 yrs transiting from ID designer to social media visual designer, I am willing to attribute my knowledge in studying and working in South Korea. Feel free to leave your comments let’s discuss some topics together…

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Hey here, I am back again, any interesting topic about design stuff in Asia?

Using blog to share design information is popular in Korea, so here is one of the most popular design blog in Korea which run by their big search giant company - NAVER. (like

Here is the link: 네이버 디자인 : 네이버 블로그

Tips: for language barrier, no worries, just using Google Chrome page translation

Let me know which specific design topic are you interested for South Korea, I’d like to share with you some good info.

Hello! Just want to write that it is awesome when there are people like you who want to help.
I am not so directly interested in Korean design. But… I noticed that Korean design mostly very clean and kind of recognizably similar to each other.
Is it because of some one very strong ID school there or what?
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Hi Korea, the No#1 design school is Hongki university, here is their official website, every year, they offers some job vacancy to overseas designers and professors. First have a check their site:

Another good school who is famous at digital art major plus offering PhD degree, is Dongseo University, I graduated from this school with digital content marketing major. Link for reference

If any of you have some interests about Dongseo, as a graduate senior, I would like to help you more.


A good pick from Korean #1 search portal site(Like google) NAVER. who has a Design Section.
Check this out, although language barrier, there are many images which helps through.

The official SUMSUNG DESIGN OFFICE, they have European office, Asian office, hope following link is helpful to your guys.

Anything make you interested about Korea design, comment please.
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I am thinking about posting something useful to all our members… There are lists of topics in my mind, please vote on the one you like!
Option#1: Top Korean ID designers
Option#2: List of Korean design festivals in 2021
Option#3: List of job looking sites for overseas designers and professors?

Your advice will make this section more popular and make CORE77 forum more attractive to global audiences.
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Latest posts about Korean automobile - Hyundai and GENESIS!!

A good and international leveled design school in Busan, Korea. It’s name is Dongseo University, they are good at visual design, VFX, Animation, here is the link for reference Faculty>Visual Contents (Animation, Film, VFX)>Graduate | International College
This month is the time for applying for its international programs, if you have any question, please feel free to leave your comment.

Current design trend in KOREA. Hope you like it!!

Squid Game in Dongseo University

Happy New Year! First sunrise photo shot in Busan!

  • By Professor Sung-Hoon Cho at Haeundae, Busan, Korea

This is kind of cool actually. I didn’t know Hangul was a relatively recent invention (~100 years old).

Great to hear that!

It’s heard that the Busan will build its first floating city in next 3 years. Definitely a good design example, rescue the issue of global warming.

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In Dongseo University, there is a good design lab which is focus on UX, Service design and Social Innovation Design. Plz search keywords “sd4g”

Very refreshing. Hyundai has shed its stodgy rep.

That is very nice… it has just enough elements that are a little odd that I really like it. I think a good design always has a few quirky bits to it! For example those low tail lamps made me a little uneasey at first because too the way they graphically alter the proportions, but the more I looked at them the more I liked them.

The little triangular point where the side of the headlight almost touches the form around the wheel arch still hits my eye a little wrong, but maybe inconsequential in person. The front wheel arch is also very symmetrical and the angular outer form with the circular trim part is a little funny… but maybe that was done for aero? … pretty minor gripes for what is overall a really nice design that punches above it’s price class I’m sure!

And hey… lots of physical buttons in the interior! Yay!

I think this will be one of those designs you have to really see in person.

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