Design in Singapore

How about Singapore for a change?
Dig this…

BMW Design director joins DesignSingapore Council’s International Advisory Panel.

Mr Christopher Bangle, BMW Group’s director of design, joins the panel of seven top-notch design talents that is looking to spur the developments of design industry in Singapore. During his two-year tenure, Mr Bangle will lend advice on how Singapore can leverage design to gain a competitive advantage. Amongst the other panellists are advertising guru Steve Hayden, vice-chairman of Ogilvy & Mather worldwide and Mr Richard Seymour from Seymourpowell industrial design consultancy. All this to help mould Singapore into a major international design hub.

and this…

BEEMERS designed in Singapore? That may not be too far-fetched an idea given ongoing talks between BMW designer Christopher Bangle and the Singapore Government.

The latter is trying to persuade the love-him-or-hate-him stylist to set up shop here. If Mr Bangle agrees, Singapore will be the only place besides Munich and California where BMWs are conceived.

Hopes grew somewhat when Mr Bangle, whose BMW-owned DesignworksUSA created statuesque (some say vulgar) cars like the BMW 7-series and Rolls-Royce Phantom, was appointed to DesignSingapore Council’s International Advisory Panel.

The animated 47-year-old told the media two weeks ago, prior to a private gathering with 6-series owners, that he would present a business case for setting up an Asian unit here by year-end.

a major design hub?
i think you get fined for chewing gum there.

One Chris Bangle won’t do it, unless he successfully Banglize the government…

It’s not the physical environment. It’s the education and culture that has to change, which is impossible.

well!!! i totally agree on that one. (Banglize the government. he he!!!)
But the government is trying real hard to promote their design scene.
Well we’ll just have to wait and see i guess!!!

hey, molested_cow, you seem to know a lot bout the asian design scene, from what i read on your posts. Your profile says you’re at CCS. What did you do before joining CCS. Just curious.

I spend 11 miserable years in Singapore before fleeing to CCS.

That’s the point, Singapore’s design scene will never progress unless the government is changed, which is also impossible, because everything in Singapore evolves around the government. I remembered they launched a program to promote creativity. Problem is, they set strict guidelines which we refered to as formula to creativity. Kinda sad huh?

As long as you know how to be politically correct, you will fly in Singapore.

formula to creativity
Geeeeez!!! sounds sad.
Im doing some research on the Singapore design scene currently and i’d love to hear about this thing formula to creativity.
Maybe you could mail me bout ur idea on the design scene here. Im sure it wud help a lot. Thanks.

start with the EDB or whatever their new name is - under Design Singapore they have outlined their entire Design Policy - I analyzed it for a class last year - and “creativity” is one their major issues - starting in primary school and also educating teachers

I like to describe their education system as a product line. Anyone who seems to be odd gets picked out and rejected. You have to be talented in the ways they like to see, like excel in their exam systems. If you are an artist and like to question or challenge what you see, your teachers will hate you for it. There is no one person to blame, it’s just how the culture has evolved with its political system. The government does everything for the people, very efficient and professional, nothing to complain about as an administration. However, it also puts restriction on freedom of speech and discourages variety. Over time, people tend to just leave everything to the government to settle, and stop thinking on their own part.

There is always a right and wrong answer in that society, because if not, the people will be lost.

sounds like the post 9/11 US. screw that shit.

Mr Christopher Bangle, BMW Group’s director of design, joins the panel of seven top-notch design talents that is looking to spur the developments of design industry in Singapore.

I hope one of the seven members of the panel get to read this post. Maybe they’d have a clue where to start with.