design in IRAN

DESIGN IN IRAN طراحي صنعتي در ايران
بچه هاي طراحي صنعتي كجائيد به داد كشورمان بريم كه چند سال ديگه رومون نميشه بگيم ايراني هستيم


I see from your other post that you are able to speak a little english. Welcome to this forum.

ok i am speak persion(farsi)

I understand. I hope there are others who speak farsi/persian also.

hi … i am a persian designer( collegian now) and i hope that persian designers and other nationality designers has post comment in this topic
my english is not very well i am able to speak a little english
so if you can,t write english … please be write Fingilish

practice helps… There is a famous woman auto racer in Iran. I try to keep up on her racing… < I am a racing fan and have a daughter.

i’ve seen some iranian portfolios in coroflot n i can say u guys r quite ok…

im wonder how product design education is thought in iran.

i have some graduate n undergraduate friends currently enrolled in my Uni in malaysia n i didnt know iranians have quite a tallent in design n b4 i didnt even knew that there were design schools in iran.

so keep it up iranian designers… :smiley:

p/s: im trying to learn some farsi now.

Google translator garbled out this translation from your first post:
“طراحي industries Dar Iran
بچه Hai طراحي industries Kjaiid by Dad كشورمان Prem Ke چند Sal ديگه Romun Nmish بگيم Iranian هستيم”

Maybe reading and posting can aid your English.