Design in Hong Kong

What are the design opportunities like in Hong Kong?

I am a recent graduate majoring in product design and would like to pursue this area.
What kind of product design jobs are out there?
What’s the job nature? Is it mostly just styling?
Are there any research-based consultancies?

And as I understand, the opportunity is much better in China? As manufacturing are all in China… Is it really that dark in Hong Kong?

I would appreciate some information.

I’ve worked in Hong Kong and I have to say that there are lots of cool studios there. a lot of the big companies have design offices in HK for manufacturing in China.

Hong Kong is great and theres a lot going on and English is widely spoken unlike China so can be a lot easier for westerns to get a job. Lots of British and European comanies have design offices there because of its location near to china and also becasue even though its Chinese land its a SAR (special administrative region) so there is lot more freedom there than within China. Just do a bit of searching and there wil be something there for you.