design in D.C.?

I’m going to DC for the weekend, any design, engineering or art related stuff I should check out?

Arts: Tons of museums, like a dozen in just a few blocks from each other…and mostly free. National Gallery have lots of important pieces worth checking out. The Native American Museum has a cool food court of authentic Indian dishes (6 vendors to choose from). You can easily spend an entire day or two trying to catch all the museums in that area.

Engineering: Smithsonian Science & Space (Kitty Hawk, NASA stuff, etc). That kind of engineering?

Books: Library of Congress I heard was cool but never been, but a few friends has. You know, the place where anything is published they have to send 2 copies, 1 copy to review and the other stays permanent in the Library… so they EVERY SINGLE U.S. published book, ever!

I personally don’t know of any ID-specific places though.

Hehe…well other than the museums and such, I couldn’t really find anything design-related.

Sorry :frowning:

I know this is a late reply to this post.
I started this site for several reasons.

One, I am creating a visual list of modern locations around the District.
I want people to be able to decide where they want to go based on the design/esthetic.
Now you can see what the place looks like and the address.
The site is a totall work in progress. I’m currently trying to compile images on locations.
I’m open to ideas for impovement.