Design In a corporate environment

Has any one worked as a designer in a consultancy and corporate environment? I would be interested to see what you think the main differences are, along with advantages and dis-advantages.

from the other thread you starterd:

Fill us in on your take.

I’ve worked in both as well. I worked for a couple of firms for about 5 years and have been corporate for 2. I think I did more design on a daily bases at the firm (billable hours) and many many more projects per year, which I miss sometimes, but there was little I could do if the vendor didn’t follow the 3d we did for tooling, or the company speced out a cheaper material. On the corporate side, I do less design daily, go to way more meetings, but a much higher percentage of my projects go to production, and much closer to my origional vision and I have more time to really detail out and evaluate/modify my own work. Tradeoffs.

In a corporate environment you are surrounded by a lot of non-creative people who try to tell you how to design when they don’t know the first thing about design. You work on the same stuff all the time and look at the same damn logos over and over.

At a consultancy you are surrounded by other creative people who enjoy being creative and have creative backgrounds. You work on a variety of different projects for a variety of clients and it makes it more interesting.