Design illy time: the new contest by illy

illy launches the “Design illy time” casting through, looking for innovative proposals of the clock wall that will be showcased at the Italian and foreign points of sale across the illy distribution channel.

Submission deadline: 16th June 2014

Award: two collaboration contracts with illy for the development of the basic and premium version of the wall clock.

Participation is free of charge and is open to designers and creative talents of any nationality and age.

All details and info at

Hello Desall,

There is a problem replying to your message through your website, so I will ask it here.

I asked what the prizes are for the competition, and what the IP conditions are for the winners and other entrees.

Your reply was: “we are not allowed to provide further information since the collaboration contracts will be signed between illy and the designers without Desall being involved. However the amount given for the collaboration contract is adequate and aligned with the market prices.”

I’m confused. Does Illy provide this information to me directly, before starting the competition, or would I be expected to enter my work without knowing what the prize or conditions are?

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile: Just like the previous contest held by illy on our platform, the Client has decided not to reveal the cash amount involved in the collaboration contract. The previous winner was contacted directly by the Client once the contest was over and the collaboration contract was concluded between the two parties alone. We can just confirm you that the total amount involved in the contract was in line with the market prices.
With regards to IP of the submitted projects, the authors will always remain the acknowledged authors of their works. If you want to learn more about it and other related matters, we suggest you to login on and go to the Upload page of the contest at issue: there you will find the Contest Agreement with all details.

If you have any further doubts, you can also contact us to our e-mail address hello*[AT]desall[DOT]*com

Cheers :slight_smile:

Desallcom and need to be banned. These are companies looking for free work in the name of a contest. Very bad idea. Please go elsewhere desallcom.

Dear Dan, thanks for your feedback. Even though we do not agree on your interpretation about our activities, we do accept the decision by yo, Core77 admin, and we will not share any further opportunity on this forum.

Best Regards

Well said Dan. My point of view exactly.

I think Core77 is probably the most active and influential online design forum about, and admin should do what they can to set the right example, and uphold this profession. It’s really wrong to see creative professions quickly being devalued and affected by these people setting up bidding/competition sites, to make money at our expense.

You see, I was quite interested in a clock design competition. I like the subject, I have a bit of free time on my hands, and I could do with adding a different piece to my portfolio. But only if I thought that it was a fair deal, and it didn’t feel like I was being taken advantage of. This obviously isn’t, as it would be apparent if it was. Then you reply with the same, expected, overly-friendly, marketing rubbish. God I hate these type of companies popping up everywhere these days.

Here’s a design competition for you. How do you prevent companies like, etc. from devaluing our profession? I’ll let you know what you get paid, once you’ve done the work and handed it over.

In all seriousness, a solution needs to be found.

See my response to their other post here:

Might be the wrong link, Yo. I am going in circles here…

oops, sorry, wormhole. This is the link:

Good or bad, it is a design competition under the Core77 “Design Competitions” topic. And there have always been middle men in design competitions, usually agencies. This is the net age and I see nothing majorly different about what Desall is doing versus every other design competition I have seen in my career.

All design competitions theoretically suck. Just as any other contest that would pit professionals against each other for limited set of rewards.


Desall, get your clients to up the ante, seriously. For example Chicco has a huge turnover. One of their competitor companies I know of has over a 25 million dollar a year design budget. Illy can afford it also unless it is just a social media experiment for them. The prize should be a minimum of 25,000 Euros, and if you really want to make it interesting and pull in a high caliber or work, make it 80,000 Euros,(edited from 250K, it is just a clock after all) I will then join your competition, so might many other professionals. For a 2,500 Euros prize, your client is guaranteed amateur input.

There is a price for design and there is a price for risk. Establishing the expectation standard that design costs money and risk is rewarded is a whole 'king lot more interesting than social media contests for kids.

I’m glad to see that Yo. We should invite the companies here to have their say.

Agreed!! Carp are always screwing things up.

I agree, but in itself, crowdsourcing is a good idea to establish relationships.

Companies are only going to obtain great ideas and designs by offering the incentives - we designers are in this for the long haul as well.
A first prize for a product design project needs to be at least $10k, and by offering a series of prizes you generate much more incentive as well, upping the chances. Why not offer also a $3k second prize, a $1k third prize, and $200 worth of the company’s products for the 4-10th prize.

That will chance the game completely as designers will go through more extensive research, concept development and even testing/prototyping processes resulting in innovations that have a chance on the market.