design hotspots

What are the good regions for graphic design other than NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles?

Minneapolis, if you can take the winters…

…only if you plan to work for Target or BestBuy…

Besides, there are much hotter design “spots” emerging in recent years - Charlotte, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Austin…

Anybody know how Seattle is?

…only if you plan to work for Target or BestBuy…

I 'll go out on a limb here and assume from your screen name that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about

Besdies we have enough design here in MPLS thanks…the weather does suck here in the winter, keeps the nydesignguys out.

Design is all over the country. Just depends on what you want to do and what kind of designers you want to work for.

Anybody know how Seattle is?


First off, I have spent quite some time in Minneapolis/St. Paul - there are far larger design hotspots elsewhere in the country.

Secondly, You’re quoting my reply to another poster quoted message who made the comment about the cold weather. Make sure you’re attacking the right person.

Fantastic; I can see why you left. Sure you weren’t kicked out?

secondly I was agreeing with you. Take it easy and have a Grain Belt. You’re better off in NY newyorkdesignguy than slumming it in Nordeast.



POP [point of purchase]

Exhibits and Tradeshows


Product Graphics

…Graphic is pretty vague.

print, and maybe some advertising

Print… mmmm. Advertising…

They will be grouped together for the most part. Open up a lot of magazines and you will see they originate mostly from the cities you mentioned. NYC - most mags come from there… naturally they need a lot of print and add support.

So you really hit the biggies… between NYC and LA.

Some other locales with top tier addy companies and decent amount of publushing would include this grouping in no order:

San Francisco
Washington DC [all the government / museum work]

If you are relatively entery level… just find the best job available in one of those markets including the biggies - then go from there… you are never locked to 1 location.

…or research eash location - see if you like the people, geography, weather, cost of living, city layout, etc… in the end this will have more of an impact on your life.

Funny, I heard that “Minnesota Nice” didn’t wear off, but then again, this is NYC we’re talking about.

Sock it to’em Hoodrat!

Cincinatti Ohio

Anyone know how MA/RI/CT is?

The Boston area in MA is supposed to be good