Design History Paper Topics

aah crunch time has come and im stumped for a topic for my design histroy paper. Ideas anyone?? :bulb:

a certain designer
compare/contrast design schools/theories
compare us and europe design history
research household appliances - dishes, toillets, chairs
how did id begin
women in id
life changing designs
color in design
car design
world fair exhibit design - actually pretty intersting
infomercial product design - hummorous
emotional design

the list goes on and on…
good luck, hope this helps.

Charles and Ray Eames
Military designs that became mainstream.(Jeep Willy)(plywood splint)

I always wanted to know how and when those choppers got started…perhaps an interesting topic.

i have to develope a thiesis stament… so thoose should all be quite helpful… I’ve considered the from tactical to practical thing… eg. military. but im not sure if it’s played.