Design groups within Vancouver BC vicinity


I’m new to Vancouver, BC and am curious to know what, if any, design groups, hangouts, etc are here. I remember in Toronto, several years ago, designers would congregate every nth Thursday of the month at a specific location to network etc.


You might want consider joining the BCID. They are essentially the Canadian equivalent to a chapter if IDSA.

While there aren’t too many “events” there is the occasional tour, competition, or volunteer opportunity that can allow you to meet other designers. They sent an email out looking for volunteers for a design competition yesterday so maybe contact them regarding that…

There isn’t too much of an ID scene in Vancouver so I wouldn’t count on walking into a cafe on a given thursday and finding a bunch of people hanging out. A lot of the younger designers are recent Emily Carr graduates and are probably sick of each other anyway… :slight_smile:

You may also want to check out these folks - the Vancouver Design Nerds.

They collaborate on various projects and events around town.