DESIGN:GREEN Workshop Handout & EcoDesign Resource Guide

The 56 page DESIGN:GREEN workshop handout and EcoDesign Resource Guide are now available online for designers and others who could not attend the DESIGN:GREEN workshops hosted in New York, Minneapolis, and Chicago this past spring. The handout details the curriculum presented by experts in sustainable design and green marketing with the goal of jumpstarting green education. The DESIGN:GREEN workshops and EcoDesign Resource Guide emphasize the importance of designing products upfront to be environmentally sustainable, so as to maintain competitiveness in the global marketplace, produce better designs and enhance marketability.

Copies of the handout from DESIGN:GREEN, including the extensive EcoDesign Resource Guide for U.S designers, can now be downloaded from

I attended the Chicago event this past summer and I just want to mention how impressed with it I was. For once, Green Design was presented as an attainable goal with positive examples of it happening from the designers present.

Thanks for this little piece of information! I’m glad that you posted this online. I recall one of my teachers mentioniong how designers are the most wasteful people (after business people since they print out all those reports). We would always print so many drafts before getting to the final comphrensive, and after that, we run a lot of stuff and people end up throwing it away. That’s just the print world, but imagine all those plastic stuff floating around from the chair that couldn’t last it’s 10th birthday. ::sigh:: I’m worried about global warming…and oddities in the weather.